Community Agreement

Welcome to Sparking Connections virtual human rights conference! We are really excited to be gathering in this new way and we want to make sure that this is a positive experience for all of your participants. To make that happen, we have a community agreement. By participating in this conference, you agree to the below guidelines: 

  • Hate, discrimination, or harassment, including but not limited to hate, discrimination, or harassment on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexuality, disability, age, class, or religion, will not be tolerated in sessions or on online platforms like Whova. 

  • Take care of yourself 

  • Be patient with the technology, organizers, and each other 

  • Take space, make space (if you tend to speak a lot make some space for others, if you tend to be quieter consider speaking up)

  • Come with an open mind and an open heart 

  • Center and value lived experiences, and speak from your own experiences

  • Take responsibility for your own continued learning 

  • Hate or discrimination as outlined above will result in 1 warning from organizers. If behaviour is continued, the second instance will result in removal from the session or a second warning if on email/Whova. If continued past 2 instances, the participant will be removed from the conference entirely. Organizers will do our best to support participants in learning opportunities but reserve the right to engage this process at our discretion. 

  • Moderators will be monitoring and participating in discussions on the Whova forum, but we are volunteers and can’t be online at all times. If you see or experience conflict in the Whova forum or in the conference programming please do not engage directly; contact an organizer and we will respond to the situation. 

  • If you are experiencing harassment of any kind (ex. Through the direct messaging feature of Whova) please contact an organizer. 

  • If you are unsure of anything or need help, please contact an organizer. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the community agreement, please email Alex Xavier and Andrea Oakunsheyld at or call 613-744-7667 ex 258 to leave us a message with a callback number so that we can connect with you.